Meet Our Team

Jens von Gierke, Principal & Founder
Jens is the founder and principal of Wave Hospitality Advisors. Jens founded Wave Hospitality in 2009 and brings 30 years of hospitality experience to the project. Jens leads the company in all aspects and is involved in each and every project. His responsibilities with the company include hotel franchise negotiations, detailed design and program reviews, pre-opening and development budget reviews, hotel management operator negotiations, specialty consultant recommendations (e-marketing, technology, etc), market research and analysis, staff recruiting and referrals, and staff training.

Nicole von Gierke, Partner & Co-Founder
Nicole is the partner and co-founder of Wave Hospitality Advisors, assisting in several special projects at our Timber Cove Resort property on the Sonoma Coast.  Nicole's talents in music lends well to curating both the resort's vinyl record collection as well as the playlists in the lobby and restaurant.  In addition, Nicole manages the resort's retail corner, sourcing retail items from local vendors and outlets in the Sonoma County area.

Marc von Gierke, Principal, European Region
Marc joins Wave Hospitality's team in Europe. With 30 years’ experience in the tourism and hotel business he is presenting our company and the different projects in Europe. He is an expert for MICE and group business, consultant recommendations (research, tour operator, OTA, meeting planner, agents, press). With his office, Marc is the bridge for our customers and partners between Europe and North America in both ways.

Jenna Figueroa, Senior Vice President of Operations
Since joining the Wave Hospitality team in 2011, Jenna’s responsibilities have grown to include design and development review, pre-development budget analysis, market research and feasibility analysis, monthly asset management reporting, franchise application process facilitation, report preparation, and accounting analysis on a corporate level.

Dave Winkler, Construction & Development Manager
Dave brings over 35 years of construction, development, asset improvement and maintenance experience to the Wave Hospitality team.  Dave’s responsibilities include construction management (both new built and renovation), budgeting, specification analysis, programming input, schedule creation, bidding and cost accounting for both new construction and capital projects.

Jason Pasternak, Executive Director
Jason has filled the role of project manager and acquisition support for Wave Hospitality Advisors since 2009. Jason’s responsibilities include acquisition model development, financial analysis, feasibility study analysis, operational support and report preparation.

Karina Gomez, Mexico Project Coordinator
Karina represents Wave Hospitality as the team's liaison and project coordinator for our various projects south of the border in Mexico.  Karina interacts with both our clients and our executive teams at our projects in Mexico City, Guadalajara and Cancun to ensure the flow of communication and execution of various projects.

Dag Wilkinson, Legal Counsel
Dag brings 30 years of legal experience to the Wave team, consulting on a variety of hotel disclosures and agreements that Wave Hospitality’s various owners are currently negotiating. His responsibilities include document review and analysis (franchise agreements, term sheets, letters of intent, management agreements, etc), as well as entity creation and establishment.

Natalia von Gierke, Amenities Specialist
Natalia provides support to Wave Hospitality's portfolio in reviewing and providing input on kid's menus in the food & beverage outlets at each property, as well as any kids amenity rooms or parks.

Sophia von Gierke, Activities Specialist
Sophia assists the Wave Hospitality team in establishing creative activities for kids during their stay at our projects.  This includes Sophia's Treasure Hunt at Timber Cove Resort, a 20 stop treasure hunt that guides guests through the property's windy hiking trails while educating them on the history of Timber Cove.