Social Responsibility

Wave Hospitality Principal & Founder Jens von Gierke was previously with Dana Point’s Ocean Institute, as Jens previously served as both Board Member and Co-chair of the institute’s annual Jazz in January events.

Natalia & Sophia von Gierke are involved in Lion’s Heart, a teen-based philanthropic  program. It is a non-profit, non-fundraising group designed to “inspire teens to have a positive impact in their communities through leadership and participation in volunteering to provide needed resources for causes that ignite their passions.  Nicole has been the Class Coordinator for the last two years. Sophia is currently (and Natalia previously) part of PAL - Peer Assisted Leadership at their school. They interact with the student body and model being “upstanders” - treating others fairly and with kindness. They work with special needs students and assist them in class, field trips, extracurricular activities.  Both Natalia & Sophia are also involved with the city of Laguna Niguel’s City Council & attend their monthly civic workshops to learn about their local government. 

Both Jens and his youngest daughter Sophia are part of SRLA Students Run LA Marathon, a non-profit after school program that provides funding/opportunity for students to train and run the LA Marathon, and realize that they can accomplish lofty goals. They just ran their first marathon in March 2018. 

The entire von Gierke family is involved with Allie’s Helping Hands (AHH)  Their mission is to extend a helping hand and a listening heart to siblings of children with critical health conditions. (Often the sick sibling gets “attention” while the healthy siblings are sometimes left out due to the families more “serious” issues – this organization lets those siblings know that “we see you and you are important”). The von Gierke family is currently planning for an October Haunted House to raise funds to support AHH programs. 

The entire von Gierke family volunteers with at their annual Happiness Project. Giving a special night of Christmas joy to local underprivileged youth. 

Wave Hospitality also actively donates monetary donations and gift certificates for hotel stays and food & beverage credits to a number of organizations including Ocean Institute, Miracles for Kids, Orphaned Starfish Foundation, World Vision, National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Pancreatic Cancer Action Network and Galapagos Conservancy.