Asset Management

Our objective is to provide cost-effective solutions to owners, developers, lenders and institutions in the management and enhancement of their hospitality assets. We strive for our customers to get the maximum return on their investment whether that investment is voluntary or the result of a loan workout. Because of our extensive ownership and operator experience in the hospitality industry, we bring noteworthy qualifications to a variety of roles including asset management, acquisition, design, development, construction, operations and finance. Our role between an asset and its ownership is that of a full-service, hands-on hospitality real estate advisor focused on increasing hotel value, net operating income and therefore hotel sales price. As the advisor, we work very closely with the brands, focusing their attention on the specifics of operations, revenue enhancements, cost savings, structure and strategy to maximize the value of the hotel investment.

Below are some examples of services we perform with our Asset Management group:

  • Implementation of a full service hotel brand financial analysis at each property, which includes, but is not limited to, a focus on profitability in operating departments, cash flow analysis, cash accounts controls, inventory controls, financial restructuring and budget preparations.
  • Review and advise on all brand cost containment programs and revenue enhancement initiatives.
  • Advise and review the annual budget for the operations prepared by brand. This includes detailed analysis of budget, recommendation to Owner in regard to Owner's mandatory and optional brand programs.
  • Maintain Brand Corporate Relationships on the highest level for maximum return. This includes identifying corporate programs, projects, concepts, trends and standards to maximize the leverage of the brand for the asset.
  • Advise Ownership on all sales forecasts, sales pace reports, revenue management strategies and marketing plans for print and internet, including social networking sites, for the ensuing month and make recommendations to Owner with respect thereto.
  • Propose and review capital improvements and expenditures and renovations consistent with the Management Plan.
  • Review and advise on a multi- year capital planning program, including on-going negotiations on Brand PIP standards and requirements.
  • Review the brand procurement program and inventory controls, par levels in all operating expense areas.
  • Review and advise on all energy, utility and maintenance programs, including on-going "Green Programs".
  • Assist and advise in the selection of any new managers or key executives for the hotel.
  • Advise and review all reports, notices and other documents provided by Manager to Ownership.
  • Negotiate, review and advise on all contracts, including without limitation, construction contracts, retail leases and service contracts. This also includes any third party management agreements with restaurant, spa or bar operators, including contract administration.
  • Advise on selection and assist with the supervision of all consultants to the Project, including, without limitation, real estate tax consultants, attorneys, accountants, insurance (including workmen's comp.) consultants, architects and engineers.
  • Assist in any lender or partner presentations, meetings and visits.
  • Review and advise on monthly guest satisfaction and quarterly employee satisfaction reports.
  • Attend all periodic Ownership meetings with property management.
  • Adhere to a strict reporting structure with Ownership, by preparing as applicable partner, lender and Owner monthly, quarterly and annual reports.
  • Review and advise on current market conditions and competitive supply.