Feasibility Studies

Wave's team strives to get the maximum return on their investment for our customers. Our feasibility analysis reports provide a full comprehensive and unique review of the proposed site, local market and demographics, hotel supply and demand pipeline and generators, brand interest and availability and overall best use of the land.

Wave Hospitality's feasibility studies are catered and customized for every project and client.  However, here are some examples of Wave's feasibility study and analysis support services:

  • Evaluate the potential hotel site with regard to the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT), including access, visibility, present utilization, ambiance, local amenities, etc
  • Review economic data and details concerning the market area and its relation/effect on the potential project
  • Determine top demand generators in the market
  • Advise on summary of key components of the proposed development, including guestrooms, food & beverage facilities and other amenities
  • Advise on expected development quality and sustainability factors
  • Contact parent hotel brands to determine brand interest and availability for the project
  • Conduct an initial working session and/or call with Client to discuss the project, objectives, goals, timeline and opportunities