Lender Advisory

During these difficult and turbulent times, lenders, borrowers, owners and investors seek experienced hospitality asset restructuring services. These are the services which Wave Hospitality Advisors provides. Our vast experience with all types of hotel brands and types of investors over the last decade allows us to provide dedicated support to guide our clients through the times ahead.

We are able to assist in foreclosure and other workout proceedings, whether the asset supports a performing loan, a non-performing loan, or resulting lender equity, the Wave Hospitality Advisors team has the necessary experience to make this process seamless and smooth for the hotel operations. This allows the hotel brand to focus on the daily operations while our team do the collateral review, on-going work out support and perform asset management services as necessary.

We believe the services we provide to lenders are more important than ever, not only due to the current climate of hardening credit conditions and challenging operating conditions, but also because major brands are in need to receive any operational assistance and support by the owners to accomplish their fiduciary responsibilities.

Below are some examples of services we perform with our Lender Advisory group:

Financial Analysis
  • Implement a full service hotel brand financial analysis at each property, which includes, but is not limited to: a focus on profitability in operating departments, cash flow analysis, cash accounts controls, inventory controls, financial restructuring and budget preparations.
  • Benchmark operating performance against industry trends.
  • Reposition the asset including RFP for new operator and negotiations for a new hotel management agreement (HMA).
  • Assist lenders in preparing pre and post workout evaluations and asset sales assessment.
  • Analyze the operations of rooms, food and beverage, spa, golf and all other operational areas of each facility to ensure quality control and checks and balances are in place.
  • Conduct internal reviews including: revenue enhancement initiatives, cost control procedures, cash flow management, purchasing and inventory controls, manpower control and benefits, systems and quality control procedures.
  • Implement an aggressive and creative cost savings program.
Asset Management
  • Analyze the sales team in regard to sales performance, revenue management and pace review with full participation in all future sales strategies.
  • Maintain brand corporate relationships on the highest level for maximum return. This includes, but is not limited to: identifying immediate corporate programs, projects, concepts, trends and standards to maximize the leverage of the brand for the asset.
  • Review and advise on all brand cost containment programs and revenue enhancement initiatives.
  • Review and advise on the overall strategic hotel marketing and sales program.
  • Approve and monitor capital expenditures on a regular basis.
  • Advise on selection and assist with the supervision of all consultants to the Project, including, without limitation, real estate tax consultants, attorneys, accountants, architects and engineers.
  • Advise on compliance with management agreement.
  • Audit and review the insurance including workmen's comp. program of the brand.
  • Provide engineering support through an ongoing program of energy utilization analysis, preventive maintenance reviews and fire and life safety analysis.